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Devi Balika Vidyalaya

Dedicated to the vision of providing society with scholars who are disciplined, educated, versatile and impeccable, Devi Balika Vidyalaya has proven to be an institution with a difference. Embellishing its motto, ‘Manasa Sanvutha Dheera’, our beloved Alma Mater has not only created scholars out of its pupils, but also created women who spear-head the prosperity of humanity.

Since its establishment in 1953, Devi Balika Vidyalaya has been a forerunner in the field of education, producing best results at the G.C.E. Ordinary Level and Advanced Level examinations. Yet, our school has been classified as the best girl’s school not only through remarkable results at examinations, but also with achievements in the fields of sports, arts, photography, music and other extra-curricular activities.

Mother Devi is not just another school, but it is a sacred ground that fortifies society with the best in all walks of life. In order to achieve this task the school has been blessed with an academic staff, that is dedicated to create a fulfilling citizen in a student.

Devi Balika Vidyalaya has fulfilled her responsibility to society by producing the best professionals in all fields and careers. Undoubtedly Devians have proven themselves to be ‘Unique from the Rest’.

Through her being undoubtedly the best, Mother Devi will continue to contribute to the betterment of our nation, society and humanity.

World Children's Day 2014

To celebrate the lives of the very ones that build the future of the world, the UNESCO Club of our school organized the World Children’s’ Day 2014, on the 1st of October 2014 in a grand scale. The main event, started at 8.00 am in the Dr Wimala de Silva Auditorium, was graced by our Madam Principal, Col. (Mrs) W. D. P. K Samarasinghe, the Management Committee and academic staff and was made colourful by the younger members of the Aesthetic Unit in several items of music and dance. The keynote address by Mr Ananda Athukorala highlighted the secrets to a gratifying childhood. Prizes were also distributed to the winners of the Poster Competitions organized by the UNESCO Club.

The Teachers’ Guild also displayed a special wallpaper, as part of a long-standing tradition, filled with inspirational sayings for children. All in all, the students enjoyed the day, which was full of fun and enjoyment as befitted Children’s Day.

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Devi Sandawa 2014

The night belonged to the colours of sweet departure, as the 2014 and 2015 A/L students of our school enlivened the precincts of the Dr Wimala de Silva Auditorium on the 19th of September 2014 from 2.00 pm onwards, in ‘Devi Sandawa’, one of the gala events in the school calendar, graced by the presence of our Madam Principal Col. (Mrs) W.D.P.K. Samarasinghe, the Management Committee and the academic staff.

Organized by the Grade 13 students for their seniors, it was made colourful by glamorous dances, musical items and, of course, the much awaited presentation of the ‘Miss Devi’ title. The coveted title was bestowed on Angara Madhubhashini, and the accompanying title of ‘Miss Personality’ was donned by the Head Prefect of 2012/2013, Hasni Gunaratne. The event, held far into the evening, concluded as a grand success.

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The Comedy of Errors: A fellowship that left little to be desired

The plays of William Shakespeare are a portal to life, adventure and entertainment, universal in sense of both place and time - for a viewer. But for the actors, who witness it all behind the scenes and on stage, it can be either a happy dream or a nightmare.

The theatre tradition in Devi Balika Vidyalaya has been a long running one through the 61 years of its history. Victories and losses have been recorded all along the way. But no matter how many All-Island victories were accomplished, no matter how many 'Best Performances' were pulled off, the Devians had never yet accomplished the seemingly simple task from passing in to the finals from the semi-finals of The All Island Inter-school Shakespeare Drama Competition. Not quite as simple as it seems, for these competitions, organized by the Colombo Young Men’s Christian Association and the Rotary Club are the toughest of all contests in the field of Shakespeare.

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Esala Programmes for 2014

A ‘Pindapatha’ almsgiving was held on the 11th of July 2014, for twenty visiting Bhikkus, in view of promoting the act of giving and loving-kindness among the students, as a commemoration of the Esala Full Moon Poya Day.

Organized by the Buddhist Society and financed by the 2015 A/L students, this act of merit took place from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm, within the school premises. All the students took part in the process of organizing and assisting, making the entire school active overall.

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A Warm Welcome

On the day of 10th July 2014, the school was lit up with a massive inflow of dainty white Devi uniforms, for it was the day that the new Advanced Level students were welcomed back to school. The assembly, which took place at 7.30 am, was graced by our Madam Principal, Col. (Mrs) W.D.P.K Samarasinghe, the Management Committee and the teachers of the Advanced Level Section.

To enlighten the mind of the students both new and old, two lectures were delivered: one by Prof. Saman Chandra Ranasinghe on managing life and society; and another by Dr. Mrs. Sumudu Rajasinghe, on school life and extra-curricular activities. All in all, the event officially unveiled a new light upon Devians, inviting them both, old and new, into a fresh world.

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